Adolf Hitler

Hitler's Affect On History

The holocaust started in 1933 and ended in 1945. The holocaust was the genocide of mainly, but not only, Jews. Other than Jews, it killed gypsies, mentally and physically disabled, homosexuals, pacifists, political opponents, soviet war prisoners, priests, intellectuals, military officers, and politicians. All of this went on until liberation in 1945. A lot can happen in twelve years. Hitler rose into power, then dramatically changed history. He changed many things while in power. He drastically changed the Jewish population, and just population in general. Eleven million+ people died during the holocaust, and in that eleven million+ was one third of the world's Jewish population. So you can only imagine the effect it had on anyone who survived it. Their entire family would most likely be dead, they would be alone and completely traumatized. Then there's the obvious change, the lives of anyone who died in the holocaust gas chambers or in his experiments or of sickness or starvation in a concentration camp.